Tool to Fix Corrupted Photoshop CS5 File

When Photoshop CS5 freezes or turns out to be faulty the PSD files stored on them also turns out to be damaged. At start up when this Photoshop CS5 freezes the PSD or Photoshop document that saves edited and composited images gets broken and becomes unreadable. This is the most common experience among various Photoshop users. Some users who experience this condition simply get into depression. But not all the users get into the same state and some people try to restore the corrupt file. Most Photoshop users are well aware of the fact that the PSD files tend to get corrupted easily and therefore they always keep a backup with them so that even if the files get damaged they can use the backed up file as and when required. But in cases where the user forgets to take the backup or where the backup fails there is a need for a powerful and safe to use repair utility such as repair damaged PSD. At certain point of time a Photoshop user will require this software to fix damaged Photoshop file and retrieve it along with its color mode which could be lab color, duotone etc.

A Photoshop file gets extremely damaged when certain users ignore and don’t take certain measures in order to prevent it from getting corrupt. To avoid corruption one must follow the instructions that are mentioned below

  • Sometimes users come across an error message such as "Unexpected end of file" which pops up when the Photoshop fails to save the header as well as the footer information of the file. This happens due to loss of connection. While you are working on a network server if the connection fails then this type of error will appear. At this point of time first save all your files on your systems local drive and then copy them to the server or externally connected hard drive
  • Whenever you make certain changes to your files version up them and save several such versions. This will permit you to go back to a non corrupted version of file
  • If you are working on a website or a document that contains several pages then don’t save all of them in a single file
  • Finally keep updating the backup and remove the files that you stored long time back which has become useless now

By following the above mentioned instructions you can definitely protect your PSD files. In the worst case if you don’t follow the above mentioned instructions and one fine day you find that the PSD file is damaged then just try this application to fix corrupt Photoshop CS5 file. This tool will provide its full support in repairing PSD files that are created by different versions of Adobe Photoshop such as CS1, CS2, CS4, CS6, CS5 and CS7. To know more about fixing Photoshop CS2 files, have a peek on: It is an excellent application to fix PSD files on Windows of XP, Vista, 2003 and Win 8 versions. To know how it helps in repairing Photoshop files on a Windows computer click on

Note: If you are a user of Photoshop CS2 files and looking for a better software to fix Photoshop CS2 files, this software proves handy.

Steps to Fix Corrupt Photoshop CS5 File:

Step1: Hit the repair button soon after choosing the damaged PSD file from the main screen.

Fix Corrupt Photoshop CS5 File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: Preview the repaired file soon after the completion of repair process.

Fix Corrupt Photoshop CS5 File - Repair Process

Fig 2: Repair Process

Step3: After previewing save the file on your computer.

Fix Corrupt Photoshop CS5 File - Save Repaired File

Fig 3: Save Repaired File

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